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VIDEO: Building A Rainbow Igloo

To win over his girlfriend's mother, Daniel Gray built this amazing structure

While most of us were sitting around a fire eating s’mores this winter, New Zealander Daniel Gray was working through freezing conditions in Edmonton, Canada to build a rainbow igloo. For 100 hours over the course of five days, Gray worked on the structure with the help of his girlfriend, Kathleen Starrie, her parents and their neighbor.

Why would Gray spend his vacation on such a task? Well, the stakes were high.

“That’s kind of the back story—saying to Dan, ‘If you want my daughter’s hand, you have to complete this,” Brigid Burton, Starrie’s mother, told Global Edmonton.

Burton gave Gray the job while he and her daughter were home in Canada for five weeks over the winter.

"I wanted to keep him occupied, not with my daughter necessarily,” Burton told Global Edmonton. "I didn't want [Dan] to just be twiddling his thumbs while he's here in Canada.”

Gray, an engineering student, rose to the occasion. He did a few calculations and then used blocks of colored ice that Burton had made in hundreds of milk cartons.

The couple has been dating for four years and, while they don’t have any wedding plans yet, they do see a future together, according to Global Edmonton.

Via Global Edmonton.

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