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Video: Adventure is Everywhere

Start summer right with this inspirational compilation

So what if summer does't officially start until June 20th. After the winter that never was, in many parts of the country, summer is already very much here, and with it comes a whole new season for new adventures.
Adventure comes in many forms, and this video—otherwise apropos of nothing—covers many of them. In fact, this hodge-podge compilation has a little bit of everything, from HD material of questionably copyright status to low-res viral video. It's a brilliant marketing ploy for Yonkers rapper (yes, that's right: Yonkers rapper) Richard Andrew, better known by his stage name Outasight. The video follows the theme of "now-or-never moments," and is conveniently choreographed to Andrew's new song, “Now or Never.”

In case you're at work and your office has YouTube blocked, here are the crib notes: Big-wave surfing, Evel Knievel, BASE jumping, train surfing in India, full-court Hail Mary baskets, Mohammad Ali, slack-lining acrobatics, big wall climbing, skateboarding, explosions, skateboard explosions, puppies, speed, celebration, terror, joy, music, dancing, driving and more (did I mention puppies?).
H/T to the The Adventure Blog for the link.

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