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The United States' Most Athletic Presidents

These Oval Office POTUS's knew how to stay in shape

Wikimedia Commons/Pete Souza
On his visit to the White House in July 2009, former Chinese Vice Premier Wang Qishan, center, received an autographed basketball from President Barack Obama.

From a young age, every American school kid learns about the important role of George Washington in our country’s history. Unanimously elected our first president, he served as commander-in-chief of the Continental Army during the Revolutionary War, helped draft the constitution, and just couldn't tell a lie.

What you might not know about dear George, however, is that he was quite the horseman, among other athletic talents.  With President’s Day around the corner, we’re paying tribute with a look at the impressive sports habits and accomplishments George and other occupants of the Oval Office have logged over the years.

Who could shoot a charging bull elephant dead from 40 yards away, and who swam naked every day in the Potomac? Our slideshow reveals the answers


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