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See Spot Surf: Sports Gear for Dogs

Don't leave Fido at home—take him on your next adventure

Imagine this: You and your buddies have just finished packing your car with the food and equipment for your next adventure. You close the trunk, psyched to leave, when you notice your forlorn dog gazing at you from your front-door window. Those puppy dog eyes can leave even the most avid outdoorsman feeling a little guilty about leaving his best friend behind.


While it's easy to take your dog on certain adventures, such as car camping or a day hike, logistics become more complicated when trips are longer, more dangerous or more technical. A few companies have caught on to this dilemma and are now creating the gear you need to take your dog almost anywhere–from vertical rock faces to white water rapids. 

So if you'd rather face buyer's guilt than owner's guilt, grab your wallet and get ready to invest in the following equipment.

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