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Oprah Couldn't Save Lance. Here Are the Numbers

Research breaks down public opinion, post-confession

If Lance thought that sitting down with Oprah would mend his shattered public image, he thought wrong. In fact, according to research group YouGov Omnibus, which that recorded the cold hard numbers, he thought very wrong. Let’s take a look:

28 million people across the world tuned in

47 percent of Americans who watched the interview believe that Armstrong should not be forgiven for taking drugs, 45 percent don’t think he should catch a break for lying and nearly half (49 percent) believe that his bad deeds outweighed his good deeds. (Ouch.)

46 percent of viewers left the chat feeling like Lance didn’t feel any remorse, and more than half (56 percent) thought he held information back from Oprah.

In fact, Lance may have had a better shot with his public image if he had avoided the interview completely, according to the research. Of those who didn't bother turning on the tube, just 44 percent and 38 percent believed that he shouldn’t be forgiven for lying and taking drugs, respectively. And these folks were split nearly in thirds over whether they believed that Armstrong’s overall legacy was more positive, negative, or whether they just didn’t know.

Oprah, on the other hand, is still as loved as she always has been, with 59 percent of viewers feeling satisfied with her balance of easy and tough questions (though 24 percent still thought she went too easy him).  

So Lance, there’s only one question: What’s next? 

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I think Lance is a victim of enterprise gluttony. Now they have no use for him, they persecute and exploit him in this manner. They are still making money on him. His life is destroyed. He wasn't strong enough to resist in the beginning, thus becoming the monster he is. He didn't have God in his life. Now he's facing the consequences. You have to fall down before you can get back up again. Hopefully he' look at the man in the mirror.