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No Photoshop Required

Robert Boesch's incredible picture required months of planning

This photo required the participation of 28 climbers from around Europe.


The picture above wasn’t created through photoshop or a time-lapse shot, but is actually the result of months of planning, hours of climbing in freezing conditions and one genius photographer named Robert Boesch.

The photo required 28 climbers from around Europe to don matching red jackets and pose simultaneously on a near-vertical mountain in the Italian Alps known as the 'Ago del Torrone' or Cleopatra’s Needle.

To set up the shot, the team spent five hours climbing the needle and preparing an intricate web of ropes that secured all of the climbers, including those on the side who were positioned horizontally against the rock.

Boesch took the photograph for Mammut, the adventure sports gear and apparel company based in Seon, Switzerland.

Boesch, 58, is a photographer and mountain guide, and has a Masters in geography from the University of Zürich. He hails from Switzerland and is well-known for his pictures of beautiful natural places and outdoor sports. His work has been featured in publications such as National Geographic and Stern

Via DailyMail.

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