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Be the First to Hit the Slopes at these U.S. Mountains with Early Opening Dates

Winter has been called the happiest time of the year and it’s not just because of the holidays. There’s a lot to love about the chilly...


The Public Bike Toolbox Popping Up Around the U.S.

Commuting to work via bicycle is becoming more and more popular with gas prices rising, and more traffic crowding the roads. On top of that, many...


How to Beat Stress in 10 Minutes or Less

Stress can be a dangerous burden. We’ve all felt it whether it be a time constraint on an upcoming project, hitting every red light when you...


Stop Drinking Pop: Reasons Soda is Killing You

High calorie counts, insane amounts of added sugar, and unnatural additives. We all know soda is by no means healthy. It has become a major focus in...


What is Telemark Skiing?

Telemark skiing, or telemarking, is an old ski technique that originated in Norway more than a century ago. The defining characteristic of this ski...


What’s It Like to Win an Olympic Medal?

Devin Logan was no stranger to competition when she set foot in Sochi this past February. Skiing since age two, Logan has improved over almost 20...


STUDY: Why Calorie Listings Don't Matter

In the past couple of years we have started to see an increase in the visibility of menu calorie listings. Since 2009, New Yorkers have become used...


Feeling Bad About Your Body? A New Survey Says Social Media is to Blame

The conversation around body image and self-esteem usually focuses on topics like celebrities, Photoshop and the unrealistic beauty standards...


The Biggest and Baddest Roller Coasters in the World

Thrill seekers everywhere flock to amusement parks and theme parks to find the scariest, stomach-turning rides on the planet. Though roller coasters...


Surprising Reasons You're Gaining Weight

Taking care of your body, staying fit and eating well are top priorities for having a long healthy life. And whether you are in the process of losing...