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8 Dorm-Friendly Snack Ideas for Before and After Your Workout

It’s time to head back to school after a summer of fun in the sun, but that doesn’t mean you have to say goodbye to your beach body. You...


The Most Important Lesson You'll Learn About Running

The more time you spend running, the more you’ll learn about the sport. As you become more involved and really get to know what it’s like...


Fitness Tip of the Day: Walking is a Workout

I’m a huge proponent of walking as exercise. It is a great way for sedentary people to increase their exercise capacity. I also believe brisk...


Cycling Vacations: The 17 Best Bike Tours Around the World

Imagine exploring the world at a pace that keeps you completely aware of all your surroundings. Now imagine getting from one place to another,...


Gear Companies Go Local

Timm Smith has been in the outdoor gear industry for a decade—just long enough to see one scrappy, independent company after another surrender...


3 Things That Completely Kill Your Fitness Motivation

For many, staying motivated and committed to a fitness program is one of the most challenging aspects of exercise. If you often find yourself losing...


Get Your Fittest Body Yet: 8 Secrets You Can Steal from Fitness Competitors

Getting fit takes discipline. It requires hard work, dedication and at times, it can be challenging. No one knows this better than a fitness...


Fitness Tip of the Day: Lift Heavier Weights

Women in our Fit Female Club program often ask me about when to increase the weights they are using.  As with any program or workout routine,...


New Yorkers Bike On Water

Despite what the rest of the world thinks they might think, New Yorkers don’t walk on water — but they do bike over it. Every 75 seconds...


Breathe Easy Nepal 2014 Team Will Revisit Gamcha, Assess Benefit of Clean Burning Stoves

The Himalayan Stove Project we wrote about in EN in February 2014 will return to Nepal this fall during the post-monsoon season to gather data on how...