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New E-Bike Concept Allows Your Heart Rate to Control Power Output from the Motor

Regardless of how you choose to workout, there are times you just want that extra push. We all want to go farther, faster and feel that rush. For...


The Most Affordable Multi-Mountain Ski Pass Ever Sold is Making its Debut this Season

The snow sports season is just around the corner. As we eagerly await the first few substantial storms and try our best to leave our gear untouched...


8 Reasons to Date a Cyclist

Cyclists may seem like intense, solo riders. They get very caught up in their fit way of life. But, they actually make great companions. And there...


What to Wear for Fall Cycling: The 8 Essentials

Autumn is upon us. And while the weather is still looking similar to our old friend summer, it is bound to drop in temperature very soon. So take out...


The Deepest Pool in the World Plunges 12-Stories into the Earth [Video]

This isn’t your average pool—in fact, it’s more like the ocean or a bottomless lagoon. The recently finished Italian “pool...


WATCH: A Gorgeous Reel of the New GoPro HERO4 POV's Capability

GoPro is known for capturing the extreme. It’s durable and easily mountable frame have made it perfect for climbers, mountain bikers, skaters,...


Where and When You Can See Fall Foliage Across the U.S. [Infographic]

Autumn is here in all its pumpkin spice, apple cinnamon, flannel-donning glory, but most of us have yet to enjoy the changing leaves. The majority of...


What to Wear for Fall Hiking: The 7 Essentials

As the leaves change, and the weather cools there is no better time than fall for a beautiful hike in the Great Outdoors. Whether you are going on a...


Can These Wetsuits Really Keep You From Becoming Shark Food?

The ocean has long been a hub for recreation—swimming, surfing and kayaking are just a few activities that have drawn a growing crowd of...


Daily Detox: 7 Easy Ways to Renew and Refresh

You’ve heard dozens of sales pitches for detoxifying juice cleanses and you’ve seen some bizarre cleansing solutions on the internet...