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Unfitter America

Last month, we unveiled The Active Times'  2014 ranking of America's fittest cities. One of our data sources for that was the Gallup-...


8 Yoga Poses for a Better Night’s Sleep

News flash: we all love coffee, but there’s a difference between casually enjoying a cup of Joe with breakfast in the morning and sprinting to...


IOC Doctor Says Slopestyle is Too Dangerous for Olympic Games

The Winter Olympics in Sochi were brimming with controversy, from hotel mishaps to construction oddities, and worse yet, an abundance of injuries on...


What it Means to Run The Boston Marathon

Runners are resilient; it’s an essence of the sport and this past year has made it more evident than ever before. One year ago today we...


Can Your Phone Help You Avoid Days of Jet Lag?

Travelers, particularly international travelers, are prone to making mistakes that can take a toll on their trips. Not only do they have a long...


What’s the Best Bike Shop in America?

The dinging bell on the door of your favorite shop is almost as sweet a memory as the one on your childhood bike. The gear inside could keep you...


9 Essential Pieces of Eco-Friendly Apparel

For hardcore eco-enthusiasts, every day is Earth Day. But for most of the population, Mother Nature is a distant relative who only comes knocking on...


When is the 2014 Boston Marathon?

This year’s Boston Marathon, America’s oldest and one of the world’s most famous road races, will be held on Monday, April 21....


Bike Lanes Don’t Cause Traffic?

The fight for space on city streets wages on for road cyclists, bike commuters and drivers, but there may finally be data that could put the debate...


8 Unexpected Things You Can Put in Checked Bags

In an increasingly interconnected and cosmopolitan world, travel has become easier, more affordable and more desirable than ever before. Just this...