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The Best Workouts To Do When You're Too Tired To Exercise

Of all the excuses we use when it comes to finding a good reason to skip a workout, “I’m too tired” is probably the most common....


The World Needs More Female Bicycle Mechanics

A long time has passed since 1920 when the 19th Amendment was ratified. And progress has been made, we can not deny that. But sometimes it feels like...


5 All-Season Items from Quiksilver for Under $30

Badge Belt; $9 Sometimes you just want to stand out, add a classy pop of red to your outfit with this checkered belt. The 100 percent polyester, 1...


Habits That Are Making You Age Prematurely

Taking care of your body should be a top priority. Unfortunately in a world of flavored sodas and lazy Segways, we lose track of what it means to...


10 Times TV Was (Scarily) Accurate About How Everyone Really Feels About Exercise

Exercise is good for you, everyone knows that. But just because we know it does the body good, doesn’t mean it’s an easy thing to do...


America’s Most Haunted Destinations You Can Actually Visit

Fake haunted houses and spooky hay rides are everywhere when October rolls around. Some are better than others—some are very good in fact and...


Experts Share Easy Ways to Boost Your Immune System

Almost everyone loves fall, but absolutely no one loves flu season. Unfortunately, the two tend to commence right around the same time. Anyone who...


Habits of Genuinely Happy People

Ever wonder what people do to stay happy?  We all want to be happy, it is one of the greatest feelings you can achieve, but maintaining that...


Weight Loss Myths That Pack on Pounds

Losing weight is hard work. There’s no denying it. Setting a goal to lose any amount of weight whether it be 5 pounds or 25 pounds takes a...


Scientifically Proven Ways to Avoid Weight Gain

Losing weight is tough, but keeping it off can be even tougher. [slideshow:346953] It might be hard to believe, but just maintaining weight after...