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Watch Dubai Skydiving Duo Set New BASE Jump World Record

Plenty of people have jumped off the world’s tallest building before, but none ever from its highest point. Skydive Dubai team members Vince...


What If You Never Had to Charge Your Fitness Tracker?

Wearable fitness trackers have become hugely popular. The plain old pedometer was blown out of the water by new technology that can measure...


What are the Benefits of Exercising on an Empty Stomach?

It’s an ongoing debate within the world of fitness: should you eat breakfast before exercising in the morning, and are there any benefits to...


36 Stunning U.S. State Parks

Playgrounds, green pastures and playful pups; these are a few of the things we first think of when we hear the word “park.” Not that...


San Diego Closes Key Gap in Bike Path Network

San Diego has bridged  — or rather underpassed — one of the key gaps in its bike path intended to let the city's residents cycle...


How Does Altitude Affect Your Weight?

While location might not be everything when it comes to health and fitness, research shows that where you live certainly plays a role. It’s...


How To Fly With A Folding Bike

Flying with a folding bike can be expensive. Most Dahon models will fit into the company's semi-hard Airporter case (even if it is a really tight...


11 Practical Backpacks Under $100

Think back to when you were just an elementary school kid. The inevitable end of every summer came along with an unavoidable feeling of...


Eco-Friendly Fitness Tips for Earth Day

We like to think that fitness is inherently environmentally friendly. After all, cycling is infinitely better than driving a car, even when that car...


How Often Should You Rehydrate During Exercise?

When you’ve got 26.2 miles of running, a 70.3-mile triathlon, or even just a long training workout ahead, arming yourself with a clear-cut plan...