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Just One Minute of Intense Exercise Can Improve Your Health, Says New Study

It's a common complaint, a worn out crutch, our main excuse—we don't have time to work out. But what if all you needed to make a...


Tropical Vacations Perfect for Escaping Winter’s Wrath

While glistening snow, cozy fireplaces and hot cocoa all have their own unique charm (especially during the holidays), for most, chilly winter...


Kangaroos, Giant Bugs and the Indian Ocean—a Pro Triathlete Takes On Ironman Western Australia

When we first spoke with Sarah Piampiano back in June she was dealing with an injury (a stress fracture in her femur) that derailed her training....


Making the Most of Your Activity Tracker: 5 Simple Steps for Success

Whether you want to break a race PR, you’re setting out to improve your sleeping habits, you’re aiming to lose weight or you’re...


8 Reasons You Should Be Taking Cold Showers

If asked to name some healthy habits, you probably wouldn’t have much trouble. Regular exercise, a balanced diet and annual check-ups come to...


The Best Stretches for Runners

You run, you foam roll, you eat well and get enough sleep and of course, you stretch. Every part of your recovery routine is on point. And if you...


The Beginner's Guide to Winter Biking

Sure, biking might primarily be considered more of a warm-weather sport, but if you happen to particularly enjoy outdoor cycling as part of your...


6 Powerful Superfoods You Should Eat this Winter

During the year’s chillier months many of us are constantly bombarded with foods like cookies, cakes, pies and candy. Yes, lots and lots of...


Fitness Fuel: 5 Energy-Boosting Pre-Workout Snacks

What you should eat before working out (if you decide to eat anything at all) depends on a handful of different factors. According to Marc Perry,...


Easy Ways to Beat Holiday Travel Fatigue

No matter how you plan on traveling to your holiday destination, the fact of the matter is that getting from one place to another will likely involve...