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Lolo Jones Takes Silver in Bobsled World Cup Event

Olympic Hurdler makes a name for herself in winter sports

Lolo Jones, a United States Olympic hurdler, is now making waves in winter sports. On Nov. 9, Jones and her teammate Jazmine Fenlator took silver in Jones’ first World Cup bobsled race.

The strong showing surprised the long-time track-and-field athlete.

"I'm kind of in shock," Jones told the Associated Press when asked about her performance. "I'm so used to just so relying on myself. I've never experienced this level of having a team before." She added, "Little did I know coming out here would just like open up the floodgates to something just completely new for me. I'm just thrilled to be out here, and Jazmine's humble. She's really dealing with a true rookie.”

While Fenlator may be patient, it doesn’t hurt to have Jones around. Fenlator has never had a better performance since she entered the world of bobsledding in 2007. Her best world cup finish previously was 11th place in Igls, Austria.

And while Jones had the best showing of former track-and-field Olympians, Tianna Madison—a gold medalist in the 4x100-meter relay—also had a notable performance. Her team took third. 

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