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Fad Fitness: Insanity

Two months of gut-busting interval training with Shaun T

Week 1: My First Insane Mistake
Working out and pounding a mountain of gummies before Insanity

Week 2: You Are What You Eat
Nutrition to fuel an intense workout while losing weight

Week 3: Insanity Interrupted
After Hurricane Sandy, the workouts move to the Midwest—and boredom ensues

Week 4: Insanity Evicted
Insanity headquarters moves to The Active Times' office

Week 5: Not Slowing the Insanity
An epic battle, with no recovery: Thanksgiving vs. the Killer DVD

Week 6: Pumping Up the Insanity
Phase Two of the program brings longer, harder workouts, and a realization

Week 7: The Instant "Insanity" Diet Overhaul
Hard workouts combined with careful meals reap great results

Wrap-Up: Reckoning the Results
Taking the final fit test to see how I did

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