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Best Drink: Coffee
Best Drink: Water
Best Drink: Low Sodium V8 Juice ($3.79 for a 46-ounce bottle)
Best Drink: Zico Coconut Water ($2.49 for a 14-ounce bottle)
Best Drink: Green Tea
Worst Drink: Jamba Juice’s Protein Berry Workout Smoothie ($4.00-$6.00 for 24-ounce Original)
Worst Drink: Minute Maid Lemonade ($2.29 for 64 ounces)
Worst Drink: Rockstar Energy Drink
Worst Drink: Starbuck’s White Chocolate Mocha ($4.00-$5.00 for 20-ounce Venti)
Worst Drink: Coca-Cola ($1.49 for 2 liters)