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Basic Warmth: The 7 Best Base Layers

Tested on the slopes and in the backcountry by the gear experts at Active Junky

A good base layer can mean the difference between an epic day chasing down powder and a day wasted shivering and damp on the tailgate.


As the next-to-skin portion of your layering system, a base layer’s role is to move moisture away from your body while simultaneously locking in dry heat. Materials and fits can vary drastically, not to mention factoring in odor protection and style. Active Junky has taken some of the leg work out of finding your perfect baselayer this season with our rundown of the best-tested pieces from our Winter Gear Guide. Our testers rank everything from fit and performance to value so you can ditch those cotton undies and that souvenir concert T-shirt and upgrade to a layer that actually performs.

Click here to see 7 top base layer picks.

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