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Australia's Temps Are Really Off the Charts

Meteorologists use new color to catalog heat


Australian Bureau of Meteorology

In the midst of Australia’s record heat wave, the country’s meteorologists have been forced to adjust their temperatures scales.

As average temps continue to rise, the country’s Bureau of Meteorology has added new colors to its extreme weather maps to show regions where temperatures are rising well above average (and sometimes record) highs.

The colors pink and purple will now mark any area expected to heat up to 50-54 degrees Celsius—or 122-129.2 degrees Fahrenheit. This is well above the country’s previous record high of 123.3 degrees, but a necessary addition as trends suggest the continent will continue to see increasingly warmer weather.

The first six days of 2013 in Australia were among the hottest 20 days on record for average maximums. On Monday, the country saw its highest mean temperature of all time. The 90-degree reading edged out the previous record of 89.3 degrees.

This is believed to be the first time that any country has redrawn its charts due to soaring temperatures and many climate scientists believe this is a warning for the future.

Via Sydney Morning Herald and The Independent

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